Unique Accommodation

The North East of England is one of the hottest spots for all kinds of unique accommodation and weekends away. Cosy glamping, quiet cottages and wooden cabins are now towards the top of everyone’s bucket list.

Maybe you lack the equipment to properly showcase your beautiful property.

Maybe you lack the know-how of filming, editing and formatting to attract customers on social media and your website.

Maybe it’s just never something that you’ve really thought about, but are now starting to realise that aerial shots would really help your bookings take-off.

Don’t settle for DIY poor-quality drone photography like this:

Or average ground-level shots that don’t capture the beauty of your location and accommodation:

Or the "I just bought a drone" drone footage, which sometimes looks worse than having nothing at all:

What would happen to your bookings if your potential customers saw something like these instead?


FPV Fly-Through Tours

Professional promo videos? I do those too.

Oh, and also Instagram reels for your business:

Prospective bookers are tired of seeing:

What I offer to help set you out from the crowd and maximise your bookings:

For generic prices and media packages, see the Pricing Page. For something more bespoke, contact me and we can get to work on your ideal vision for your property.

Ready to begin? Great. Let’s get started…