Towns and Cities Promo

Looking to show off your town for a high-profile client? Need some stock footage to advertise your new office location? Or are you just interested in getting some amazing footage from the city that you live in?

Imagine this scenario: you are a potential investor or visitor looking for information about a city or town. What is the first thing you do? Most likely, you'll search for photos or videos of the area online first.

Upon searching, you often find some standard looking stock footage from 2007. Or a herky-jerky long video from someone's first drone flight, accompanied by some crazy-intense background music.

Not great.

This is where Drone Studio North East comes in. The importance of having access to great footage of local towns and cities is now absolutely essential. The drones that I use are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras that capture stunning aerial footage with crystal-clear images and smooth, steady shots.

I also have lots of experience flying and editing, producing results like this:

Using advanced editing and motion graphics, I can also produce drone videos showcasing the newest developments in town. Whether it is to impress stakeholders, your boss, or potential investors, I've got you covered:

Choosing Drone Studio North East, you can showcase the beauty and unique features of your town or city like never before.

From breathtaking bird's-eye views of historic landmarks, to stunning aerial shots of bustling city streets, I can provide everything you need to promote your chosen location and attract potential investors, visitors, and businesses.

Nobody wants their town or city to be shown-off in anything but the very best light. Let me take care of that.

I do:

Get in touch below and let's get the unique town and cities footage that you need.

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