Commercial Development & Progress

Aerial photography and videography offers a unique perspective and solution to common pain points experienced by both commercial and new build estate developers.

Whether it be construction site management, marketing properties, or surveying land, drone media provides a cost-effective and efficient method for tackling these challenges.

Coupled with unique video edits and motion graphics, you can pull yourself way ahead of the competition...

Whether you are looking to show off your own business and projects:

Or pitching to businesses themselves:

If you are a commercial developer, you probably stumble across these issues often

Similarly for new-build estate developers:

There are also plenty of marketing disadvantages to not having access to some sort of aerial photography for your development.

Whether it be for your site managers, architects, stakeholders or prospective customers and clients.

If you don't use professional drone media within your projects and on the promotional side, the truth is that you are falling quickly behind.

Professional drone photography turns this:

Into this:


Construction progress videos for social media, stakeholders, and company presentations are all essential to any major business in 2024:

Drone hyperlapses are also great for displaying progress over time:

Housing developers can massively benefit from the use of motion graphics too, combining drone content with existing marketing content:

I also offer 3D modelling. This gives the ability to click, zoom, and rotate at will, complete remotely.

Ideal for showing off plots to customers or people within the business who don't live locally.

Combined with photos and videos, these can make an excellent package for your customers, shareholders or the general public.

I turn these into a dedicated website for your client where they can view weekly, fortnightly or monthly progress with a combination of photos, videos and 3D models.

If you're looking to capture the full scale of your project from start to finish and turn it into a promo video, I can do that too:

I do...

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