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Boost Your Sales: How to Sell Your House Fast Using Drone Video

Need to sell your house fast? Drone video is your edge and secret weapon in today’s competitive market. Drone video provides impressive aerial views that capture the essence of your property and its surroundings, leading to faster sales. Discover how drone technology stands as a critical tool for modern real estate marketing, with data-driven evidence of its effectiveness. In this short article, we’ll cover the application of drone video in real estate and its potential to speed-up transactions, ensuring you can sell your house quicker than the rest.

Key Takeaways

  • Drone videos offer a unique, visually engaging perspective of a property, including aerial views of the layout, surroundings, and key features such as garden and driveway space. This helps listings stand out – potentially leading to quicker sales.
  • Using drone footage in real estate marketing can significantly increase engagement and interest from potential buyers. It offers a professional image, cost-effectiveness, and broad reach across various platforms like social media and real estate websites.
  • While there are costs associated with professional drone videography, the investment pays off by increasing property interest, reducing time on the market, and even commanding a higher sale price, benefiting both real estate agents and sellers.
  • Using professional drone media – rather than a poor DIY job or none at all – signals to potential buyers that you are serious about your property and its selling qualities.
  • Where possible, a professional drone pilot can also fly-through your property, really elevating your marketing and telling a visual story of the interior and exterior.

Sell your house fast with drone footage

Elevate Your Listing with Drone Video

Drone video is more than just an innovative way to showcase properties. It’s a game-changer that has the potential to transform your real estate listing into a visually stunning narrative that resonates with potential buyers. At the heart of this transformation is the unique ability of drone technology to capture high-resolution images and video from perspectives that were previously inaccessible.

A bird’s-eye view of the property, offered by drone footage, uncovers the following features:

  • Full Layout
  • Garden Space
  • Scenic surroundings
  • Position on the street
  • Connecting Roads (if applicable)
  • Inside fly-through tour (where possible)

Unlike conventional photos, aerial property photography, including aerial images and drone footage, puts a property on the map. The full scope of its position and surroundings can be pieced together from drone footage. With just ground photos and videos, buyers have no real idea about the property’s true location. 

Aerial Advantage: Showcasing the Entire Property

Imagine being able to show potential buyers not just the exterior of a house but the surrounding land, views from different floors, and even the neighbourhood—all in a single, sweeping shot. Professionally-shot drone video introduces this aerial advantage. Drone media services offer a fresh outlook that is inaccessible by basic ground shots and is a lot more captivating to potential buyers. In a crowded market, any edge you can get to stand out really goes a long way. 

Dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes, seamless fly-around of home exteriors and interiors, as well as expansive overhead views that highlight features such as gardens, grounds and driveways are all within reach with drone videography. Potential buyers gain a clear understanding from this comprehensive view, which makes your listing distinctive in the market. The benefit is pronounced for marketing upscale properties with scenic views and extensive landscapes, as it intensifies their appeal and sets the listing apart in the market.

Emotional Engagement Through Cinematic Experience

Beyond the practical advantage of providing a comprehensive view of properties, drone videos also possess a unique ability to engage viewers on an emotional level. The use of drone video and photography helps to sell not just a property but the dream of owning a home.

A 360-degree view of the property, enabled by drone footage, allows buyers to see the full view, and to picture themselves there. Drone Studio North East crafts short video promos that not only highlight the features of a property but also add considerable value to real estate listings.

Speedy Sales: Statistics That Speak Volumes

Drone video benefits extend beyond theory and are supported by concrete data. Properties showcased with drone content have the following benefits:

  • They sell up to 68% faster, indicating that aerial imagery significantly shortens the sales cycle in real estate.1
  • 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with agents who incorporate video into their listings.1
  • Aerial videos and images significantly boost the appeal for both buyers and sellers.

Real estate agents using drone footage report a surge in listings by up to 73% and deal closures by up to 68%. Furthermore, listing inquiries can increase by a staggering 403% with video.1 A comprehensive view of the property enables potential buyers to make faster decisions, thereby speeding up the sales process. It also makes a listing stand out wonderfully in the crowd, as not many real estate agents have taken the drone marketing leap yet.

Many have either left it out completely or tried taking some shots themselves, without any understanding of the best drone camera settings, angles etc resulting in sub-par results.

Why Choose Drone Studio North East for Your Drone Video Needs

For aerial drone services, Drone Studio North East presents a variety of unique options, including fly-throughs and 3D property modelling on top of the regular photo and video promos. These services are meticulously designed to enhance real estate property campaigns, offering a competitive edge for agents and sellers. These flying, editing and software skills are not provided by your average drone flyer, so you can be sure to get a leg up on the competition and seriously up your marketing game for potential buyers.

Drone Studio North East stands out not only for the range of services it offers but also because of its certifications. Holding an A2 CofC qualification from the CAA and carrying full commercial insurance means you are in good, competent hands from start to finish. This combination of unique services makes Drone Studio North East the perfect partner for your real estate drone video needs.

Tailored Services for Every Property

Drone Studio North East acknowledges that every property is unique. That’s why they offer a spectrum of services tailored to each property’s needs, ranging from basic aerial shots to more refined full-production videos. Whether you need just a few photos to stand out from the crowd or a full fly-through of your upmarket house and its grounds and surroundings, you are in the right place.

For properties that demand a more luxurious presentation, full promotional videos equipped with motion graphics are available, catering to high-end listings. Drone Studio North East also specialises in creating 3D models of properties, adding significant value to real estate websites and online listings. These diverse offerings ensure that whatever your property’s needs, Drone Studio North East has a tailored solution.

Sell your house with drone footage

The Process: From Flight to Feature

The creation of a real estate drone video is a detailed process encompassing several stages. This begins with scheduling the shoot advance, planning the sort of shots we want and the best way to execute them. On the day itself, you can be involved as much or as little as you want whilst the filming takes place.

This is followed by post-production, where the raw footage is transformed into a captivating video. With exceptional editing skills and experience, Drone Studio North East delivers the edited media promptly. This streamlined process ensures that you get high-quality drone footage in the quickest time possible.

Pre-flight Preparation and Compliance

A crucial stage of pre-flight preparation and compliance precedes the drone’s launch. Drone photography must adhere to regulations requiring drone operators to comply with government advice and necessary certifications.Illegally operating drones, particularly in restricted airspace such as near airports, carry the risk of severe penalties, including imprisonment or fines.

The CAA’s drone laws are changing all of the time and if you haven’t labelled your drone properly, carry commercial insurance or know what restrictions your specific drone has, you could land in hot water if something goes wrong. Most DIY drone operators tend to miss something out, and so take a serious risk every time they launch their drone.

Privacy is a significant concern in drone photography too which requires careful handling. This underlines the importance of:

  • Hiring professional, experienced drone operators like those at Drone Studio North East
  • Navigating the complexities of the law
  • Providing premium quality footage

Capturing the Essence of Your Home

Taking aerial shots of a property is one thing; capturing its essence is another. Drone Studio North East employs First-Person View (FPV) fly-through drones and technology to achieve this. FPV shots provide potential buyers with an immersive fly-through experience, capturing the unique charm of a home’s interior, often followed by flying out into the exterior within the same shot.

Imagine potential buyers experiencing the warmth of the living room, the tranquillity of the master bedroom, or the vastness of the kitchen before whizzing out of the window and looking back at a full property view. This is the magic of FPV drone shots, something which Drone Studio North East can provide.

Marketing Your Drone Video for Maximum Exposure

Creating a stunning drone video is merely the first step, followed by presenting it to potential buyers. This is where marketing comes into play. Consider showcasing your drone video on platforms such as:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

This will maximise visibility to potential buyers. Drone footage’s visual appeal can capture the audience’s attention and offer a significant advantage in marketing your real estate property. Drone Studio North East also specialises in shooting vertical video, ideal for your content creation needs on platforms like Instagram and TikTok which use the vertical video format.

The use of drone technology in real estate offers several benefits:

  • It projects a professional image and solidifies a unique brand identity as a real estate market innovator
  • Cost-effective, enabling you to produce high-quality video content that stands out from the rest and significantly boosts buyer interest
  • Effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes

Online Showcase: Website and Social Media

Engaging content that captures user attention and increases the likelihood of engagement can be created by incorporating drone footage on social media, thereby reaching a wider audience. In fact, social media videos generate more shares than text and images combined, suggesting massive potential for exposure when utilising drone footage in real estate marketing.

Embedding drone videos on real estate landing pages can significantly increase conversion rates while also improving organic traffic from search engine results. Drone Studio North East offers a variety of social media options and packages designed to enhance the online presence of real estate listings and effectively showcase the properties.

Cost vs. Investment: Understanding the Value of Drone Videos

Drone Videography is one of the most effective investments you can make for your property or properties. The pricing for drone videography in real estate is variable, influenced by factors such as property size, location, and the type of drones used (e.g. regular or FPV or both). For example, a few professional aerial photos will obviously cost a lot less than a full promotional video which includes a fly-through, outside shots and more. However, when you consider the benefits, it’s clear that drone videography offers substantial value.

Using drone technology can substantially elevate buyer interest by providing an engaging view of the property that stands out among traditional listings. Homes showcased with drone footage can secure a higher sale price, reflecting a tangible financial return on investment. The benefits of using drone technology for real estate include:

  • Providing a unique and captivating perspective of the property
  • Highlighting the property’s features and surroundings
  • Attracting more potential buyers and increasing interest
  • Potentially reducing the time the property spends on the market
  • Increasing the likelihood of a higher sale price

The cost of drone services is relatively low compared to the potential increase in home value and reduced time on the market, making it a favourable return on investment for real estate agents and sellers.

Pricing Structures: What to Expect

Various factors can influence the pricing of drone services. These include:

  • Size of the property
  • Duration of the shoot
  • Number of photos/videos
  • Post-processing requirements
  • Location
  • Drone operator’s experience

The factors that can affect the cost of drone photography services include:

  • The type of drone used
  • The complexity of the project
  • The duration of the shoot
  • The experience and reputation of the drone photographer

In addition, professional drone videography often entails post-production editing which forms the larger part of the overall ‘production’, which will be factored into the overall cost. Despite these costs, drones provide a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional photography methods where sellers can end up throwing their listing into a sea of other listings that all look exactly the same.


In conclusion, drone videography is a powerful tool that can significantly elevate real estate listings. By providing a unique aerial perspective, creating a visual story, and appealing to a broader audience, drone videos can lead to faster sales and higher property prices. Drone Studio North East is an excellent place to begin when planning to elevate your real estate marketing. From pre-flight preparations to post-production perfection, we offer a streamlined process that ensures high-quality footage and results that deliver. When considering the potential return on investment, it’s clear that drone videography is an essential strategic investment in your property’s success, rather than a luxury outlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of using drone videos for real estate listings?

Using drone videos for real estate listings provides a unique aerial perspective, creating an immersive experience that can lead to faster sales and higher property prices. It is a crucial aspect for standing out from the crowd, and is extremely effective when done by a professional.

Why should I choose Drone Studio North East for my drone video needs?

Drone Studio North East is your expert choice for real estate drone video. You are hiring an experienced, certified, insured company that offers a variety of drone shots and editing that are not available anywhere else. Not having drone content for your listings means you get lost in the pack, but having poor-looking drone content produced by someone inexperienced can sometimes look even worse than none at all.

How can I market my drone video for maximum exposure?

To maximise exposure for your drone video, consider sharing it on popular online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. If social media content creation is your goal, we have specialised packages just for you. Help us to help you create a buzz around your property!